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What our audience is saying.

Cindy Francisco
Cindy Francisco
went to see Frank Bang tonight, it was my first visit to the theater, Up close and personal venue, only sits around 200. enjoyed the show
Leah Haunani McCann
Leah Haunani McCann
Attending Mean Girls, produced by Melody Lane and it was fantastic! A great local venue, not a bad seat in the house and just a fun little spot to see a show!
Lisa Gump
Lisa Gump
I love the theater here. The size is perfect. The shows are fun. The seats are comfy. Cultural Park is a great theater.
Andrew Kraus
Andrew Kraus
Laughed so hard I cried 😂 great production 👍
Joanna Mabbitt
Joanna Mabbitt
I LOVE this place. This year I did all 3 summer camp sessions, and I LOVED every second of it. All the counselors are so nice and everything they do is ✨ perfection ✨. The casting, the directing, the choreography, the sets, the props, everything is just amazing. In SpongeBob, I personally think the choreography was better than the actual Broadway show, in Willy Wonka, the oompa loompa choreography was stunning, and in Aladdin I was ensemble and it was SO FUN, the song "Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim" was so fun. The casting is so good. SpongeBob, Willy Wonka, and Aladdin were amazing, I played Patrick in SpongeBob, Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and Shop Owner in Aladdin. This was the first time I got a lead and I had so much fun. No matter what part anyone got they we're happy with it Another thing is that at the end of the day we get to play games and it's really fun. I wish I could never leave camp sometimes, all the people are so welcoming and so nice. I got into James and the Giant Peach so that gives me something to do during the school year, but I can't wait for camp to start again! If you ever have a chance I highly recommend coming to see one of the shows here, you'll have the time of your life seeing or being in the show.
Kelsie Gregware
Kelsie Gregware
Wow, just WOW! Our 8 year old daughter just finished one of the summer camp sessions here and we are just blown away! So is she! She attended the Willy Wonka Session of Theatre Camp, it was a two week session from 9am-4pm and at the end of it they put on the musical. As parents we were blown and I mean blown away by the what they all accomplished in just two weeks! We went to an after party for the kids and it wasn’t just us that were super impressed, all of the parents were just amazed! Our daughter was given a small role in the musical, perfect for her age and experience. Each day that I picked her up, she would be beaming and so pumped by the experience. She has had an interest in theatre since she was young but this just solidified it. The counselors were Highschool graduates who had grown up in the program and loved it, you could tell each day at drop off. There were kids of ALL ages there, our daughter was one of the youngest at 8 years old and kids went all the way to highschool age. Even with that vast age difference, they ALL were kind to each other and accepting. It was awesome for my daughter to see some mentors. She saw older kids helping younger kids and got to experience comradeship at its best. She was taught to practice and study, to get her role right. She had to audition for her role, which gave her insight on being brave, handling nervous energy and how to push through. Theatre camp teaches so many important life lessons, we are so thrilled we found this camp. It turns out that we discovered this camp has been going on for quite awhile, I ran into partner of kids in their 30’s who went to this camp as kiddos. So they obviously know what they are doing and how to be successful! Highly recommend, it will be the highlight to your kids summer as it was for our daughter. She’s begging for next year already!
Henry Coggins
Henry Coggins
My wife and I saw Crimes of the Heart today at the 3pm show. I am ashamed to say it was our first time here and I have lived on the Cape since 1973. I can honestly say I have missed out on a lot by not coming to a play here. This community theater is a wonderful place to spend a couple hours a see local performers. There isn't a bad seat to view from. Crimes of the Heart is funny and is a play most of us can find common ground in. As I was raised in the South, I saw similarities to some of my own relatives. I thought the actors captured the zaniness and dysfunction so many families experience. Don't miss out on a fun afternoon. Check out Crimes of The Heart. We will be coming to future plays!

Get To Know Cultural Park Theatre Company

We are a community theatre company established in 1963 in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida.

We just saw an incredible performance of Standing O. So much talent and enthusiasm. No words…..better than wonderful!


It is the small theater with the warmest and most sincere staff. EVERYONE is helpful and friendly. From the Box Office to Concessions, nothing but great customer service.


It is a hidden gem in Cape Coral. You can hear and see the stage from any seat in the house . And the prices are very reasonable.